At McDowell Security we take being a licensed security firm seriously. That is why when we are meeting with businesses and they tell us that their firm is licensed, and we know they are not, we get a little concerned. Here is what being a licensed security firm means.

1. It’s not a business license. Of course, we have one of those, but so does every other business in the state.

2. It is a license issued by the Alabama Security Regulatory Board, after you have passed training, applied and agreed to follow certain rules and regulations for the industry.

3. It’s a license the employees of the security firm you are engaging with should be seeking. At McDowell Security we help our employees get the proper licensing, if they don’t have it already.

4. How can you tell if a firm is truly a licensed security firm? First, you can look it up online at the Alabama Security Regulatory Board website. Second, you can ask to see their card or business registration. Any legit security firm or armed security guard is not going to be shy about showing their registration.

5. In addition, the board is very transparent in all of their dealings. They have a list of disciplinary actions taken against companies and individuals dating back to 2014. So if you are looking at a company I would definitely check those lists.

Thanks for taking a moment to read this far. We believe in being transparent, and we want anyone out there researching security firms to know that we take our business seriously. We work hard to ensure that our employees not only meet but exceed the standards required by our state. If you ever have a question, please give us a call at 205.783.1692.